About company

   Lift Pro Company was founded in 2012 and works to supply and install all kinds of elevators of different types and loads, for example, not limited to:

1 - elevator with machine room

A) Gears

B- Gearless

2- Elevator without machine room

3. Hydraulic elevators

The company, through the company's private consultant engineers provides all solutions to garage problems through the parking lift.

In addition, the company has a solution to any problem related to the dimensions of ​​the shaft and the provision of all elevators for people with special needs and the company undertakes to use the product agreed upon and import it completely from abroad and assemble it in accordance with standard specifications and not to replace any other products.

The company has the priority of use of all kinds of German, Italian and Spanish machines of high quality as well as high quality automatic doors such as Fermetor, Selcom and italian motion guides

· We have a team of senior professionals in this field, which is characterized by accuracy and follow-up before and after delivery and also after-sales service.

· It is also delivered by specialized engineers.